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Domestic Violence cases INCLUDING TRIAL: $1,500. (These cases are my SPECIALTY)

In the last six months alone I have heard the words NOT GUILTY on three DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN THE PRESENCE OF A CHILD cases (Canyon County cases CR-2011-22492 on 12/12/2011, CR-2010-36434 on 6/1/11 and Ada County case MD-2011-7782 on 8/2/11). This does not include the numerous cases I have had DISMISSED prior to trial. Even though the police hand out these charges like they’re speeding tickets, you obviously have so much more to lose if you are charged with domestic violence. In addition to losing your gun rights under Federal law (U.S. Code §18-922(g)(9)), if you lose or plead guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence case (YES, even if you utilize the realistically WORTHLESS WITHHELD JUDGMENT) you will be ordered to get a domestic violence evaluation. This will cost you approximately $ 200. The evaluation will recommend either 26 or 52 weeks of “treatment” which includes 2 hours of “treatment”/week @ $ 10/hr. Additionally, you will likely be put on SUPERVISED PROBATION which will cost you another $ 50-$ 60/month. If you hire a TRUCK (if you have been in jail you know what this is), even though your specific case might be strong, you could get sold on a so-called “sweetheart deal” that maybe includes a reduction to disturbing the peace but still requires the expensive and time-consuming evaluation and “treatment” as well as supervision. Additionally, disturbing the peace (Idaho Code § 18-6409) carries the same 6 month maximum penalty as Domestic Battery (Idaho Code § 18-918(3)(c)). And for God’s sake, please don’t get sold on the idea that dropping the “IN THE PRESENCE OF A CHILD” enhancement makes it a good deal. Give me a call @ 340-2115 and we can discuss your case. You can view my tip-top education credentials and EXTENSIVE TRIAL SUCCESS at my website The State often gets tunnel vision with their witness’ biased account of the facts. This leaves them vulnerable and oblivious to damning holes/inconsistencies in their case. I will be AGGRESSIVE and RELENTLESS in cross-examining your accusers. I do not ignore even the smallest lie or bias. I will make your accuser squirm on the stand. If your case is the type you know will go to trial, be sure to question your prospective attorney’s trial experience and cite specific cases in which they secured favorable outcomes (you can check those cases at Call me, Benson Barrera, at 340-2115.

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