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The Custody Man can HELP you win your child custody case. Don’t be railroaded into believing that you can’t win your case for you can. Believe in yourself and recognize your strengths!

In Biblical times, King Solomon proposed to divide the child into two parts giving one half to the real mother and one half to the false mother. We all know how that story ended.

Times have changed and we are now a civilized society. The current legal process can divide a child into two parts. Each spouse wanting custody, each spouse WANTING THE CHILD but not necessarily what’s BEST FOR THE CHILD. The court system does not want the child; it only wants WHAT’S BEST FOR THE CHILD. ***

Parents often lose sight of this fact and end up losing their case. Parents arguing with each other over child custody end up in a downward spiral leading to an exercise in futility. Parents can decide who will get custody or the court system will decide who gets custody.

Both parents can have equal standing in terms of providing for the needs of their children but one parent usually ends up receiving more custody or no custody because the other spouse has a slick attorney capable of putting up the best defense or offense at trial.

Don’t go it alone. I have been helping Alaskans for 25 years. Custody is all I do.

Most jobs are FLAT RATE provided your case is simple, direct and to the point i.e. free from a multitude of legal complexities and other issues that can muddle a case. ***

Please e-mail me leaving your phone number and I will call you back the same day.

High quality work and prompt, reliable service. References are available upon request.

Non-Attorney PARALEGAL Services. You will need to represent yourself before the court at all times.

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