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Legal Professionals Needed (New Mexico)

Dylan Taylor
Tila Solutions Consultant
Direct Line: (702) 410-8464
Our company is looking for legal professionals who truly understand the underlying mess that the mortgage industry has created with their rush to make a quick buck and “cutting corners” with regard to mortgage securitization. Tila Solutions provides a detailed and in-depth Securitization audit that will create leverage and provide concrete evidence of the banks wrongdoings. It will be done using the tools and resources of the Bloomberg financial platforms. Our securitization audit does not only cover the issue of Securitization, but it will also cover a review of documents filed at the county for proper assignment and robo-signing. MERS will be looked for, and if foreclosure has been initiated, then a complete robo-signing investigation will be done as well. And every audit is accompanied by an affidavit of the examiner. We work to help homeowners locate suitable legal professionals who can use those audits to prepare and execute a defense when they do not have legal representation. If you feel that the work product we provide is useful to you in your endeavors then we would like to refer clients to you. We do not ask a fee for referrals. We just want homeowners to get the help they need. Since so many people that we hear from don’t have any legal help, we are working to try and develop a vast network of attorneys for homeowners in need of legal services. We often need to refer them while we are conducting audits, before we can even begin an audit, and in some cases once the audit is completed.

Regards, Dylan Taylor
Tila Solutions Consultant
Direct Line: (702) 410-8464
Fax: (888) 308-0164

  • Location: New Mexico
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