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FORECLOSURE DEFENSE LOWNEY LAW FIRM Contact for free consult 505-856-1900 When facing foreclosure, your options may seem limited. Lowney Law Firm, however, has helped many homeowners in this difficult situation. We can provide foreclosure defense and explore with you ways to save your home or find other alternatives. Your initial case evaluation is free and [...]

Custody or Support Battles? Free Seminar (Brookfield Suites)

It’s time to level the playing field and increase your odds in getting a FAIR deal in the family court system. The independent paralegals at Fathers For Equal Rights have helped over 1500 members maintain their rights. We have helped men get maitenance from their ex-wives. We have worked in six family malpractice cases and [...]

Occupy Wall Street/ Occupy Austin Arrest? (Austin)

Have you been arrested at Occupy Austin? You need real representation that understands your position. I am a Critical Mass rider, cycling activist, and constant skeptic of government and business motives. I have been licensed by Texas, Illinois, and Federal Courts to defend people in such circumstances. You want your attorney on your side. I [...]


If your home has been foreclosed – or is being threatened with foreclosure – even if you have already lost your foreclosure case – you are invited to contact us at once! If you think you were not treated fairly or the courts or the lawyers or the banks acted improperly or illegally – if [...]

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