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Employment Law-Unpaid Wages- Sexual Harassment Attorneys

QR Code Link to This Post ///====WE ARE A PROFESSIONAL LAW FIRM HANDLING EMPLOYMENT LAW CASES:====///// ===We handle Cases involving:=== =====Wrongful Termination; Unpaid WAGES; Class Actions; Overtime Claims; Retaliation In Employment; Hostile Work Environment; Employment Discrimination based on Race, Color of Skin, Disability, Religion, National Origin, Gender; Age Discrimination; Sexual Orientation; Drugs and Alcohol in […]

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Philadelphia (Philadelphia)

QR Code Link to This Post Statistics show that today’s families are more likely than ever to encounter conflicts. When dealing with family-based legal issues every decision is pivotal including choosing the right attorney. The Family Law Group of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. offers a compassionate, focused and experienced approach to an array of family-based legal […]

Low Cost Divorce- Payment Plan (Pasadena)

QR Code Link to This Post Child/Spousal Support Calculations, Divorce, Order to Show Cause (OSC) , Legal Separation, Guardianship, Name Change, Paternity, Step-Parent Adoption, & MUCH MORE. show contact info 963 E. Colorado Blvd.Pasadena, CA 91106 We are not lawyers; services are provided at customers’ request and are not a substitute for advice of a […]

Executive Order Prevent Foreclosure !! (USA)

QR Code Link to This Post In danger of foreclosure ? Are you three or more months past due ? We can get you into a Mediator Trial Loan Modification Payment Program Guaranteed. We will Prevent Foreclosure and Save your Home ! Goto our web site and apply today !

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